Our customers have all found that IRIS is very easy to install.

One area that could be seen to be a stumbling block to organisations setting up IRIS is in the loading of the initial data about the organisation and the way that IRIS is to be run. We can provide examples of the types of codes used by other organisations if required but one area where we can really expedite matters is in the setting up of all the Location Codes for the organisation. Where there is a large number of buildings, streets, car parks within the organisation the input of this data could be quite time consuming. We have found that most organisations already have this information on a computer somewhere within the organisation. If we are supplied with this data in a computer readable format, say in a spreadsheet, then we can easily import the data into IRIS before we ship the product to you.


We provide support for IRIS for 12 months as part of the original purchase. On-going support is supplied following payment of the annual fee due at the end of each 12 month period.


IRIS is constantly evolving as a tool to help security departments become more efficient. New releases of IRIS are provided to all existing customers operating under the Colsoft support plan. These releases incorporate enhancements to the software to make the job of the security guard easier and to keep management better informed.

The original release of IRIS, in 1999, consisted of functions for Incident Reporting (hence the name IRIS) and Escort Events. Since then IRIS has evolved to include functions for Lost Property, Desk Logs, Standard Operating Procedures and Location Details. All of these functions have been incorporated after consultation with users, and have usually resulted from requirements suggested by existing users.

Although we believe that IRIS is already the most comprehensive system of its type (as well as being one of the easiest to use) we also know that it will continue to evolve in the years ahead as we incorporate ideas from our ever growing customer base.

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More information on IRIS, our Incident Reporting Information System for security departments.

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Who's using IRIS?

IRIS is installed in a growing number of organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.