Operation of IRIS

Incident Recording

All incidents need to be tracked and critical information about each incident needs to be recorded.

To this end, IRIS provides the means of standardising incident reporting by its easy to use interface which allows security guards to record all the required information about each incident in the prescribed format. Prompts ensure that all required fields are entered and that nothing important is forgotten.

Advantage » All incidents are recorded in a standard format. No more hunting through paper records or referring back to handwritten notes kept by the guards.

Incident Analysis

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IRIS is a powerful tool for analysing incidents. It provides the security manager with a straight forward method of displaying summary information about all incidents or to filter the incidents to show only those of interest at a particular time; e.g. incidents of a particular type (e.g. Fire, Break-in etc.), or incidents that happened at a specific location or, perhaps, at a particular time of day. Having selected the appropriate incidents, the manager can then view each of these incidents in detail or choose to print out summary or detailed reports.

Advantage » production of regular reports to senior management at the click of a button. Ability to concentrate guarding resources in higher risk areas or time of day.

Desk Logs

In the Control Room all normal day to day activities may be entered using the Desk Log function. Entries may be made for reporting all events such as guards coming on or going off shift, patrols undertaken, entrances locked, unlocked or manned, unusual CCTV sightings etc, i.e. events that do not warrant an incident report but which may be of interest at a later date.

Advantage » easy to read detailed and summarised reports, quick lookup of past events, and the ability to analyse control room and guard activities.

Standard Operating Procedures

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SOPs provides functions to give access to your department’s standard operating procedures. Security staff will have easy and rapid access to information about how to undertake any predefined task. The SOPS functions work in conjunction with any existing (electronic) instructions that the organisation has previously created to document the functions of the security department.

Advantages » staff always have access to the latest documented operating procedures.

Lost Property

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IRIS provides all the functions needed by the Lost Property Office allowing enquiries to be addressed promptly and accurately and items to be returned to their rightful owners with minimal delay.

Lost property records can be searched using a variety of criteria including location lost, time of loss, name of loser to type of property (or any combination).

Facilities are provided to print letters, or send emails, to inform owners of the finding of their property or, conversely, to produce lists of unclaimed property for disposal.

Advantages » increased 'customer' satisfaction, controlled procedures for handling lost property and increased efficiency.

Escort Events

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IRIS provides functions to keep track of escort events, e.g. escorting patients and visitors in a hospital or staff and students in a university or visitors or contractors in a secure environment. Predefined events can be set up where similar events are undertaken on a regular basis.

Advantages » ability to track and report on all escort events.

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More information on IRIS, our Incident Reporting Information System for security departments.

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Who's using IRIS?

IRIS is installed in a growing number of organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.