About us

The directors of Colsoft Pty Ltd are husband and wife team Bob and Ros Collinson.

Bob started work in the computer industry as a computer operator in January 1966 before moving into programming shortly afterwards. Through the 60s, 70s and 80s he gained a wide variety of computer experience in technical software development roles as well as computer management positions, including supplier support and marketing roles. He was a partner in a computer shop in the early days of personal computers before returning to the more technically challenging software development area.

Ros first became involved in the computer industry in 1977 with the introduction of some of the very first word processing systems. Following on from early experience in sales support and training with this equipment she progressed into senior Office Automation marketing roles. She found the technical challenges involved in installing and configuring Unix systems and complex office support systems such as Microsoft Exchange more to her liking and became more heavily involved in this area and continued to provide consulting services in these areas during the early years with Colsoft.

The vast majority of work undertaken by Colsoft Pty Ltd is by the directors with the occasional outsourcing of specialised technical development.

Find out more about IRIS

More information on IRIS, our Incident Reporting Information System for security departments.

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Who's using IRIS?

IRIS is installed in a growing number of organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.